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I’m so glad you’ve found me!

Growing your family is a magnificent journey, I want you to know that I consider it an honour and a pleasure to support you as you embark on this journey.

If you haven’t found the information you’re looking for, I would love to hear from you so that I can learn exactly what it is that you need to feel cared for, heard and ready to take on this next chapter of your life!

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Instant Perineal Cool Pads

Instant Perineal Cold Packs are just like regular maternity pads except they have an inner chamber which, when ruptured. activates the cool liquid inside the pad to give you instant, soothing relief for your early days after giving birth.


From pregnancy into parenthood, by your side through every step.


What Is A Doula? 

Doula: A trained professional support person who provides emotional, physical and educational support for birthing families from pregnancy, through birth and into parenthood. 

Birth Doula: A Birth Doula is someone who knows birth really well. They’ve taken a Labour Doula Training in order to learn the skills required to support you during your pregnancy with information, guidance and care as you prepare for the birth of your new baby. A Doula does not replace your midwife or doctor but is another member of your birth team. A Birth doula can provide continuity of care through your pregnancy, birth and into your postpartum period. Birth Doulas attend the birth with the couple and does not replace the birth partner.

Postpartum and Infant Care Doula: Provides care to families who've welcomed their new arrival(s). Doulas support the transition into parenthood through educational and emotional support as well as hands on, practical care with the babies or older children to aid a seamless postpartum experience. This can often look like 4 - 12 hour shifts with a family, during their day to day living. A Postpartum and Infant care Doula is well versed in normal newborn behaviour and can teach new parents to read their baby’s cues, guide them on their chosen parenting path and ensure that the new parents are well rested, well fed and nourished as a whole family unit.


How Can I Care For Your Family?

Becky Durnin provides Birth Doula, Postpartum and Infant Care Doula Care, Private Antenatal Classes, Private Newborn Care Classes, Placenta Encapsulation and Sibling Doula Care to growing families in Co. Louth, Ireland.

*Some areas may have limited service options. 


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I'm so glad you're here. I'm Becky Durnin, Ireland's resident Doula Trainer. I'm also a certified Labour and Postpartum Doula, Antenatal Educator and Placenta Specialist. 

I'm also Mum to Trinity 6, Saoirse 4 and wife to my incredible husband, Peter. 

Here you'll find my focus is on nurturing the entire family unit; the birthing person, the partner and the children. My philosophy for birth, postpartum and parenting is that YOU are the expert on what's right for you, I'm happy to provide you with resources and information on request. I am committed to supporting all of your decisions without question or bias. 

If you’re here, you’re probably already certain that you want some extra TLC as you grow your family. I can’t wait to be on your team!

Whether you’re here searching for a birth doula or you’re looking for someone to help you transition smoothly into parenthood when your newborn baby arrives I’d be delighted to care for you. Maybe you are here because you’ve heard about the benefits of placenta encapsulation and want to reap the benefits your placenta has to offer or you want a more personalised approach to your antenatal classes on your own schedule and in your own comfort, I’ve got you covered!

Since 2014, I’ve been caring for and supporting growing families in Ireland. Located in Co. Louth with a wide access to Dublin and Meath, I mostly serve Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda and the three Dublin Maternity Hospitals, Rotunda, National Maternity Hospital and The Coombe, if you’re birthing elsewhere and would like to chat about how I can care for you, I would love to hear from you.

Since 2017, I’ve been training doulas in Ireland and Europe to do what I do. If you’re here because you want to become a doula, I want you to know that this work is the single, most amazing, humbling, inspiring and rewarding work on Earth. There’s nothing quite as satisfying at the end of a days work than knowing that a family feel more educated, confident, rested and relaxed because of the time they spent with you!

Whatever you do today, stay kind.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Becky -xo


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