Instant Perineal Cold Packs

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Instant Perineal Cold Packs are just like regular Maternity Pads but with a little pack of cooling gel on the inside. Designed to aid your postpartum recovery experience, these Instant Perineal Cold Packs will reduce your pain and discomfort, reduce any bruising or swelling and soothe any itching sensations.

Designed specifically for the immediate days postpartum and to bring comfort to new Mums who experience any perineal trauma or tearing in birth, these cold packs can vastly improve your postpartum experience.

Simply twist the Instant Perineal Cold Pack to rupture the inner chamber and release the cooling gel, give it a little shake to disperse the gel throughout the pad, remove the backing and place in the underwear like any other Maternity Pad.

Your Instant Perineal Cold Pack will stay cool for around 40 mins.

The instant activation allows you to use these pads wherever you are without the use of a freezer. Pack them in your labour bag to use in the hospital, throw them into your baby bag to use when out and about or keep them by your bedside to help you optimise your sleep and recovery.



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Retail Instant Perineal Cold Packs

Instant Perineal Cold Packs will be available for retail in Ireland by November 1st 2018.

For more information or to express interest please contact me directly.